Explore Your Options With The IFG Group of Companies

At IFG, we provide quality solutions to all of our clients. Our divisions comprise of IFG Accounting and Business Consulting, International Funding Group and IFG Insurance Services. We have the experience and expertise to offer accounting, commercial financing, insurance and risk management options for individuals and businesses. Our dedicated advisors are here to assist you in obtaining your individual objectives.

A Diverse Mix of Products

Through providing each of our clients focused attention and customized plans, we create a plan to meet your goals. We boast a portfolio of options including:

White Label Funding Program

International Funding Group LLC is a leader in designing a “White Label” funding program for your company’s customers. At IFG we understand your clients are your most valuable business assets. We also understand how difficult it can be collect timely payments from them.

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Become a Broker!

International Funding Group pays top commission and referral fees for any deal that is brought by you that we fund.

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Leader in All Types of Financing

We are leading the way in commercial lending of all types, Learn More!

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Please contact us today for a free, no obligation analysis of your financing needs.

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At IFG, even businesses with little access to capital or no collateral can take advantage of one of our solutions. A dedicated representative will assess your specific needs and come up with a plan that matches the funding you need while creating a comfortable plan for repayment.

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We remain on the cutting edge of technology and trends in our industry, which means we always bring you the very best options. We offer each of our potential clients a free, no-obligation consultation at which you can outline your specific needs and discuss alternatives. To start exploring how our team at IFG can help you, simply contact one of our representatives and schedule an appointment.

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