Providing Your Company With Quality Financing Options

When you are in need of capital to run or grow your business, you might try to secure it by going through a traditional channel such as a bank. At International Funding Group, we understand that many business owners run into challenges pursuing money through those means. That is why we keep the process simple and offer our clients a wide range of options, such as accounts receivable financing, which means you get access to cash without going into debt.


Our Process

Factoring is another term for selling your accounts receivable at a discounted price. You will gain instant liquidity by using this funding method, which is available for companies that sell services or products to other entities that pay their bills in 30 days or more. There are a number of reasons we have so many clients who choose to factor their accounts, such as:

  • Your credit score does not matter, so businesses that are start-ups or in bankruptcy qualify
  • Factors can check your customer’s credit and alert you to any potential risks
  • You will receive monthly statements
  • Some accounts qualify for free credit insurance

Program Details

  • Cash in 24 Hours
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • We Finance Any Type of Business
  • No Recourse Even if the Account Does Not Pay
  • Credit Insurance on Your Clients At No Cost To You
  • No Arbitrary Loan Board Decisions, No Fixed Payments
  • As Sales and Receivables Increase, Funding Increases
  • Focus On Your Business, Not Collections
  • Take advantage of early payment or bulk purchase discounts from your suppliers
  • Ability to service large and / or unexpected orders
  • Accounts receivable financing is more flexible and quicker than bank loans

Use The Money To…

  • Fund Payroll or Other Operating Expenses
  • Purchase Inventory to Take Advantage of Bulk/Early Payment Discounts
  • Fund Expansion and Growth
  • Respond to Seasonal Demands and Opportunities
  • Take on That Large New Account with Confidence

Allow our specialists to analyze your situation and develop creative financial solutions in order to get you the cash you need. When you choose to work with International Funding Group, you are choosing fast, flexible funding. To get started today, simply contact one of our representatives.

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