Find Your Commercial Financing Solution Today

At International Funding Group, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a wide range of financial products. Every business owner has a unique set of needs that we can accommodate. If you rely on contracts, we understand that there is a waiting period between checks. In order to access the cash you need in a more timely fashion, you can take advantage of our contract financing program.

Program Highlights:

  • Minimum deals size $1,000,000
  • Customer investment grade or near investment
  • Service Contract must have a component of equipment
  • This program is not for ongoing service maintenance contracts
  • Great for startup or emerging growing companies

Industries Where Our Products Works Best:

  • Any Break Through Technology or Process
  • Technology
  • Computer System/Software Development
  • Digital Broadcasting
  • Waste Management
  • Water Purification
  • Recycling
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Communications
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Food Processing
  • Education
  • Municipal
  • And many others…

How It Works

Instead of choosing the costly route of dipping into your equity, opt instead for the more feasible solution of financing your contracts. With this method, we monetize your agreements in exchange for a lump sum of cash. We can do this with contracts that you already have in place, or we are happy to explore the option of financing deals you are in the process of negotiating.

Note that when you work with us, you are taking advantage of:

  • A fully customized deal unique to your circumstances
  • Fast, flexible funding
  • A team that works hard to get you as much money as possible

One of our team members will work with you to assess your needs and provide you with several financing options. We also provide all of our clients with creative ways to pay back the amount financed. Get started exploring your options with International Funding Group by scheduling a free consultation appointment today.



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