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Fast, Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Funding Up To $5,000,000

As a business owner, you are already familiar with how important it is to have access to cash. Some people choose to pursue funding through traditional channels, though there are often challenges in doing so. Our team at International Funding Group prefers to keep the process simple and offers solutions that help your business grow instead of taking away your equity. Our merchant cash advance program provides a great way for companies to grow or operate without going into debt.

How It Works

Instead of pulling your credit report and putting you through a lengthy application process, we can get you the funds you need within a week without causing you headaches. We base your advance against your future sales. That means that your credit score does not play a factor. For this reason, many companies that are start-ups or that have little access to capital find our cash advances to be extremely valuable.

The Advantage of an Advance

Instead of opting for a traditional loan, contact us to explore a cash advance. You will find that you will get:

  • Funds that are not restricted
  • A customized plan for repayment
  • Access to cash without sacrificing equity
  • Fund Typically available within 7 days or less.

Getting started is easy. One of our International Funding Group representatives will discuss your options during a free, no-obligation consultation.

To schedule your appointment, simply contact us today.


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