Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing

Flexible Funding Options When You Need Them

At International Funding Group, we have years of experience providing quality financial products to clients across a number of industries and with a variety of needs. Our new, innovative annuity financing program is one such option that helps individuals who find themselves in need of cash but prefer not to go into debt. Through selling your annuity, you can obtain a lump sum of cash to mitigate large, unexpected expenses.

How It Works

You can decide if you would like to sell all of your annuity payments, some of them or even just a part of the incoming payments. This provides you flexibility in your funding options, brought to you with world-class customer service and one-on-one attention. One of our representatives can assist you with:

  • Cashing out an annuity that you inherited
  • Lining up assets to be transferred to your heirs
  • Developing the right structure based on your specific needs

Find Your Solution Today

When you financing your annuity, you will sidestep high surrender charges. One of our representatives is happy to provide you with a quote. Simply pull together the following information:

  • The dates of both your first payment and your last guaranteed payment
  • The name of the insurance company as well as the annuity policy number
  • The amount of each payment and how frequently you receive them

Get started today by contacting one of our International Funding Group representatives

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