Our first post of the year centered on ways to get your business on track in 2016. As a follow up to that, we would like to highlight some tips that can help you set marketing and strategic goals for each month.

While the “holiday season” is considered to be late November and December, the holidays during the rest of the year should not be forgotten. As a business owner, you have a holiday during almost every other month that you can focus on. The way in which you do so depends on what kind of business you own. However, a great way to use the different holidays to your advantage is to change marketing and product discounts to the holidays.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, how are you advertising? Is there a promotion going on for Valentine’s Day themed gifts?

St. Patrick’s Day is next. How will you incorporate this into your business’ marketing scheme?

The list goes on and on. As we near the end of January, start thinking about what worked this month and what did not. You have 11 more months, and plenty of holidays, to change your marketing strategies and adjust your business model. Continue to strive to make 2016 the year for your business.


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Douglas Cabral



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